Flags and Pennants

White Ensign

The White Ensign

Worn by all HM ships which are in commission and by some shore bases.

Blue Ensign

The Blue Ensign

Worn by government vessels which aren't warships. Also used by merchant vessels.

Red Ensign

The Red Ensign

Worn by all British registered vessels.

Royal Fleet Auxilliary 

Royal Fleet Auxilliary

Worn by civilian manned vessels which follow HM fleet with necessary supplies.

Union Flag

The Union Flag

Worn as a Jack on the bow of all HM ships in commission. This is when the flag is called a Union Jack.

Sea Scout Ensign

Sea Scout Defaced Ensign

The red ensign is also used by Sea Scout Groups. A RN Recognised Group can wear a defaced ensign


Courtsey of 4th Knowle Sea Scout Group